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Our platform is integrated with more than 48 banks over internet, offering transaction through all major Credit Cards, Debit Cards, (IMPS) Immediate Payment Service and Rupay. Paynetz offers multiple channel payment experience supporting various channels like web integration, prepaid wallet, IVR, POS Etc.

Multi-Bank EMI

Atom Multi bank EMI empowers merchants to offer their goods and services to end customers by paying in easy EMI options instead of the customer paying the entire transaction amount in one go.

The EMI option can be availed in two ways.

    EMI option selection at merchant end

    The merchant itself displays the EMI selection on his page, post which the customer is only displayed the particular EMI option he selects on the merchant page.

    EMI option selection at Atom page

    The option to select EMI is displayed to customer on atom payment page.

Atom Multi bank EMI

Third Party Validation

As per the SEBI Guidelines, it is essential for brokers, Asset Management Company and Mutual Funds provider to validate the transacting Account no. to carry out transactions. Atom Does Third Party Validation for Brokers, Asset Management Company and Mutual Funds Provider. Third Party Validation (TPV) validates the account number by which the transaction is done. Atom provides TPV for both Net Banking and Visa Debit Cards. Atom does TPV through 28 banks.

Third Party Validation - Atomtech
Requery Option

Requery option is a tracking mechanism available for merchants to view the Status of the transactions which were not updated on real time. With the help of this option merchant can check the status of the transactions for which the online realtime response was not received, which can be due to various reasons like session time out, dropped transaction. Our high end technology helps you fetch actual transaction status directly through the servers.

Requery Option - Atomtech
Invoice Based

Atom Invoice feature helps its merchants to receive payments by raising secure & instant invoice on the platform.

Merchants can also create bulk invoices through this option thus saving time.

For multiple customers paynetz provides the merchant an option where he can upload an excel file to generate multiple invoices.

Atom Invoice feature
Express Checkout

Express Checkout is improvised convenience by Paynetz. Express checkout allows registered customers to securely store their card number and expiry date so as to avoid entering the same for every transaction. Their subsequent transactions require only the CVV and VBV/ MSC input each time. It helps merchants offer their frequent shopper customers a safe and secure payment option that is also extremely time saving.

Express Checkout - Atomtech
Standing Instruction

Paynetz standing instruction feature helps merchants accepts payments that are recurring in nature, payments such as school fee, bill payments, subscription fees etc. This feature helps the merchant to collect payment from its customer at pre-set intervals by mapping the customer’s credit card details.

Paynetz standing instruction - Atomtech
Convenience Fee

Every transaction has a defined transaction cost. In a usual scenario the merchant bears the cost but if the merchant choose to pass the transaction cost to the customer it can be done by using the surcharge feature. Our systems are well equipped to auto calculate transaction charges based on pre-defined terms and display the final amount to the customer. This helps the merchant to redirect the cost to the customer in a hassle-free manner.

Convenience Fee - Atomtech
Mobile Optimized Payment Page

With the mobile optimization payment page feature merchants can now ensure that customers who access their website using mobile phones and tabs can view and make payments in a user friendly manner. All that a merchants needs to do is integrate Paynetz payment gateway over their existing mobile application. The merchant can integrate their mobile App to atom WAP based Payment Page. This not only increases the accessibility for the customer to merchant store but also increases revenue by expanding the merchants’ payment channel.

Mobile Payment Solutions - Atomtech
Retry Option

In the event of transaction failure due to reasons such as time out or connectivity issues, customers are usually required to re-enter all the transaction and instrument details making it a cumbersome process. Paynetz’s retry option is a feature where the customer is given the option to retry instead of filing the details all over again.

Retry Option - Atomtech
Integrated Dashboard

Paynetz users are provided with a Merchant Admin Console which helps the merchant to monitor transaction online on real time basis. Merchant can access the console from anywhere by logging with the help of the administrator ID & password. The merchant can also customize the design and layout. The console also equipped with a multi search parameter that allows the merchant to search for a particular transaction with precious.

Intergrated Dashboard - Atomtech

I frame is a paynetz feature that is used to display content from another source into a web page. As the name specifies Atom gives the freedom to merchant to display the payment page in a desired boundary on their page. There is no impact on the payment page except the look and feel making it more compact. Due to I frame the merchant can display the payment page of Atom in a specified boundary. This allows merchants to utilize rest of the page as required by them helping them to use the same for advertisement or promotional activities.

Paynetz I Frame Feature - Atomtech
SMS & Mail Notification to Customer

A Paynetz feature that notifies the customer of transactions closed by sending a SMS & Mail with the transaction status in real time.

e Payment Gateway Solutions - Atomtech
Marketplace Payments

This Paynetz feature helps merchants combine multiple product/vendor payments together and raise a common payment to the customer. Atom settles funds in to the respective vendor accounts on behalf of the merchant making the merchant’s work hassle-free.

Marketplace Payments - Atomtech
International Card Acceptance

Atom has integrated with multiple banks which provide acceptance of international cards over their Payment Gateway.

Multi EMI
Multi-Currency Payment

Paynetz is designed to offer global customers the option of paying in currency that he/she is willing to pay.

Multi EMI

Online Payment Gateway integrated with 48+ bank